Friday, October 7, 2011

Armed and Do-Re-Mi-Fa-bulous

Yes, we are on the verge of Fall Break at the University (Ah, fall break – when all our students can go back home and try to recover from the sleep deprivation they've brought upon themselves over the past month and a half!)  But for me, the countdown has begun: we're about six weeks away from the big kick off on the First Sunday of Advent – new texts, new mass parts.

But it's not really six weeks away for us.  On Saturday, November 5th, we'll be taking over the Coleman Morse Center, lock, stock and barrel, and doing our best to bring in every priest, rector, music director, and liturgical commissioner on campus.  We have a new mass to learn.  

Truth be told, we've been preparing for this workshop for more than two years.  Longer, if you consider the work that's gone into the composition of our own mass settings for the campus.  

This "Liturgy Day" at Notre Dame will be offered by both myself and longtime colleague Fr. Peter Rocca, the Rector of the Basilica. Peter will be working with the Presbyters and Rectors; I'll be focusing my energies on the residence hall musicians and liturgical commisioners.

More as we get closer to the day! And thanks to all of you who've been so encouraging - blogging is an art and it takes time and patience. May we all sing well this weekend (and not lose our voices at the game!)

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  1. I was wondering if you would write a Mass setting for the new texts. Our (very small) church choir is starting to learn a new Mass setting, and we're getting ready to pick out music to learn for Advent. Have you written any new Advent pieces for the choir? I have those from Candled Seasons. :)