Monday, March 26, 2012

The convergence of February and May

After Chicago and AirWaves studio, we moved from the intensity of a recording session to the open fields of Indiana, heading down to Fort Wayne for a great reunion of Folk Choir alumni.

It's not often that I would write simply about weather and landscape, but the atmosphere of the past few weeks has been nothing short of remarkable – we seem to have moved almost immediately from February to May – and with this fast paced advent of Spring, there has been a coalition of creative colors! Forsythia, magnolia, red bud trees, willows, and pears have all been rushing to outperform one another, forming a palette of hues seldom seen at the same time:

These scenes, from country roads in the Fort Wayne area, were a sight for tired eyes this weekend. Especially as we're heading into the high Holy Days, when we will be of a singular, dedicated vision and far removed from the colorful fields of Indiana. But the splendor of their creativity, and the hope that they convey by way of life Reborn – these are not lost on the soul!

To those who live in song, to those who live in the hope of the Resurrection, winter never has the last word. Spring is always triumphant. And as we prepare for Easter, more and more intensely with the passing of each day, there is no greater hope that this – that rebirth will always win out.

Holy Week, here we come!

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