Thursday, November 1, 2012

And the Saints Will Dance

Tomorrow night, the Notre Dame Folk Choir will sponsor their annual Concert for the Holy Cross Missions, and this year, we're pulling out all the stops – for Africa.

The Concert for the Missions is a longstanding tradition (at least, in the world of Notre Dame, where anything that's done more than once is put into that category). We've been raising money for the Congregation for almost twenty years, and the support of our assemblies has reached out to Bangladesh, Haiti, India, Uganda – even the House of Brigid in Wexford, an apostolate close to the hearts of the Folk Choir.

And in that time, the total contributions are approaching nearly a hundred thousand dollars. A wonderful witness from the campus and those who listen to our work.

This year's concert has us singing some choir favorites: "Jina La Bwana," and "Come to the Living Stone" are great examples of pieces our students love. But we're adding some new twists as well – a fabulous arrangement of "Walk Together, Children" by Moses Hogan, and a piece the choir has been dying to learn for a while – an a cappella arrangement of "Baba Yetu" (Zulu for "The Lord's Prayer"). When we announced it was going to be learned, the choir gave an ovation!

Pat Reidy, c.s.c., who has spent a good amount of time on the Dark Continent, will be giving a bit of insight into evangelical efforts in and around Kampala, Uganda. Here's a picture of Pat with some of the students of St. Jude's school in Bugembe:

Our goal tomorrow night is to fill our beloved Basilica with so much joy that the saints of our stained glass windows will be dancing as well! It's almost impossible to stay put when those drums begin!

To those of you who plan on being in attendance, thanks for joining us! To those who wish they could be there and cannot – support our brethren in Holy Cross by sending a donation along to me! I'll make sure your contribution makes it directly over to Africa.

And to my choir, who seems to have this affinity for joyful music of every continent: make those saints dance tomorrow night!

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