Wednesday, March 23, 2016

From the Eye of the Hurricane

You may ask, "why is he writing a blog right now?"

I'll tell you:  Because we're in the eye of the hurricane.

We've already explored the joy of St. Patrick's Day (by the way, if you want to watch the video of the liturgy, click this link:

And then we headed into the emotional roller coaster of Palm Sunday.

Followed by an amazing Taizé service and night of reconciliation in the Basilica last night.

But today, it is quiet: that holding of the liturgical breath before the intensity of the Paschal Triduum.

For those that know and do the kind of work I do, there is a keen understanding of what it's like to be poured into and out of, repeatedly, over the course of these next few days.

More pictures and observations will be forthcoming!  Have a blessed Three-Day journey, dear friends!

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