Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dia is Mhuire is Bhríde

Today, fifty-six members of the Notre Dame Folk Choir will join together, working their itineraries out over the next 36 hours so that we all converge, on Tuesday morning, at the Aeroport Baile Atha Cliath – Dublin's International Airport. Some will be coming from Europe or Africa and meeting us there; most will depart from Notre Dame's Coleman Morse Campus Ministry Center. For all of us departing from campus, the trip would not be complete without taking a few minutes, just before boarding the bus, to ask for God's blessing.
A few months ago, then-director of Campus Ministry, Fr. Joe Carey, c.s.c., requested that a service be created to bless our musical pilgrims as they went out in various directions. That blessing service was first spoken over the Handbell and Celebration Choir as they made their way to the Oratory of St. Joseph in Montreal, back in March. Shortly thereafter, the same words were used for the Liturgical Choir before they made their way to Rome.

Now it is our turn. With Fr. Joe presiding, we gathered in the room where all of our music has been rehearsed these past years.

And we've been the recipient of benedictions, via email, from all the country — one endearing blessing from fellow composer Carolyn Pirtle (whose wishes were in Irish) to our friends in Scotland, champing on the bit for our arrival.
And then, there came the parting blessing of Chris Labadie, former member of Teach Bhríde and now a Holy Cross seminarian: "Dia is Mhuire is Bhríd duit!" "God and Mary and Brigid go with ye!" The best of companions, these three.

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