Wednesday, May 23, 2012

In the Great Hall

It is easy, at times, to test the mettle of a choir: put them on a Trans-Atlantic flight, essentially dealing everyone an all-nighter, keep them up the day they arrive by singing for hundreds of Catholic schoolchildren, then, in the evening, put them into an extraordinary concert venue, packed with prestigious musicians and academicians from around Dublin's fair city.

This is the front of the National Concert Hall, Ireland's crown jewel of performance, where the Folk Choir sang on Tuesday evening. And I don't know a time that I've been prouder of this great group of musicians.

"You will run, but not grow weary, for your God will be your strength". Perhaps, more aptly put, you will sing and not grow weary — for when the Folk Choir sings, they shake off their weariness like laughter.

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Location:Earlsfort Terrace,Dublin,Ireland

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  1. Thank you for posting this so I can follow your good works! Good thing college students know the 'all-nighter' so well!