Sunday, January 5, 2014

Choir in Residence

After 48 hours of demanding travels, compromised flights and cancellations, and the necessity to stay flexible as we dealt with travel trauma, the Folk Choir finally took up residence for the weekend at Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Winter Park, Florida.

What a wonderful parish! A superb organ with digital samplings of the old Aeolian Skinner instruments, a beautiful room with superb acoustics, a tasteful and professional projection system for all the prayers and music, and an assembly that, even at the Vigil mass, sings like nobody's business!

We've been blessed by the welcome of this community. It's not often that we will park ourselves in one place for several days, but in hindsight this has been a great blessing. It's given us an opportunity to serve the Orlando diocese by offering a church music workshop over the weekend, and it's allowed us to stay put in one place while various choir members, stranded around the country, were finally able to fly to Orlando.

It's also not often that we've worked with projection screens in churches. But the layout of this house of prayer is both unique and extraordinary: the assembly faces one another, in a sort of "curved choir" arrangement of pews. And on either side of the nave are huge screens built into the walls, upon which are projected, moment by moment, the various prayers, hymns and antiphons of the liturgy. It works pretty seamlessly... as we experienced at the Saturday Vigil Mass.

Today we have our first concert on the road. But even as we sing, we're aware of what's going on back at home: a severe winter alert with near-zero temperatures and a prediction of fourteen inches of snow!

Alas! We're going to have to endure temperatures in the mid-seventies today!

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Location:Seaport Cir, Casselberry, Florida, United States

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