Saturday, January 4, 2014

Folk Choir Day 1: Reunions

While Mother Nature threw everything she had at the northern parts of our country, the Folk Choir quietly and steadily gathered at Orlando International Airport – a task that took the better part of the day, and will still extend into the weekend. With more than seven thousand serious delays and three thousand outright cancelled flights, even getting to Florida was an act of patience.

And so, the main atrium of Orlando's airport became a full-day reunion of choir members from around the country. Some of those reunions were tearful and long-awaited: our Juniors who were overseas hadn't seen their friends for quite a few months, and the reunions were joyful and wonderful to behold.

"Reunion" was a theme throughout the airport that day. As the sun set (and many of us grew a bit weary after seven hours of waiting), more of our choir started showing up from many outlying places, and shouts and tears and warm embraces became the order of the day. And across the way, at the far side of the atrium, hundreds of people were gathered for another kind of reunion: the welcome home of troops from Afghanistan. Every few minutes, a serviceman or woman emerged from the passageway of an incoming flight, and up went the cheers, and the tears were flowing freely.

And so we begin our labors in the Diocese of Orlando. There is no better way to immerse ourselves in our work, fully aware of the love and support of one another as we break out our choral folders, start our warm-ups, put the finishing touches on concert repertoire, and meet generous host families.

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Location:Seaport Cir, Casselberry, Florida, United States

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  1. Abundant blessings on you, Steve, and the choir. May your hearts and the hearts of those who hear you be moved closer to Christ.