Friday, June 8, 2012

And Now, A Second Journey

When I first started writing this journal about five months ago, there were several things I hoped to accomplish:
- provide a commentary for the spiritual activities on our Notre Dame campus;
- as best as I could, create a daily commentary on the travels of the Folk Choir as they made their way across Ireland and Scotland;
- finally, create a journal of what I hope will be an extraordinary opportunity this summer, a chance for pilgrimage to many centers of prayer and liturgical music throughout Europe.

So, check mark on the first two. While I will be doing much more thinking and occasional blogging on the experience of the Folk Choir tour, I'm now turning my attention to the next phase of the summer. This time, instead of directing the students of ND in their travels, Michele and I will be following an itinerary that we laid out months ago. Keep reading through the summer if you wish! I'm glad to share my experiences through this journal.

It has taken years to prepare for this, in actuality. But for the next ten weeks, we will be traveling to Paris, Rome, Assisi, Taizé, and many places in between. The next posting will be at the start of this new journey, as we begin in the green fields surrounding Nunraw Abbey, a Trappist monastery deep in the heart of Scotland.

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Location:Nunraw Abbey, Haddington, Scotland

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