Tuesday, June 12, 2012

L'Esprit d'Escalier

OK, this title is just a little playful... in its classic usage, it means "musings on the staircase". Or more specifically, "the things I woulda coulda shoulda said to that jerk if I hadn't held my tongue".

But as opposed to that turn of phrase, these are, quite literally, thoughts on the staircase, because if there's anything we've seen a lot of lately, it's stairs. And churches.

In regards to stairs, we tackled the Tour d'Eiffel today – at least the seven hundred and twenty steps that lead to the second level. It was a cool, grey, somewhat overcast day, but it put us up near the low-hanging clouds. And even from here, the ability to look down upon the neighborhoods and seventeenth century grid of Paris was truly spectacular.

We also made pilgrimage to three churches today (in addition to taking Kathleen McDonald and her sister to lunch; see the previous posting about that crazy reunion!): St. Sulpice, St. Germain des Prés, and St. Paul-St. Louis in Le Marais were places we were able to visit, the latter where we attended a simple but beautiful evening mass.

But our bodies are revolting at the miles and the staircases encountered thus far! And yet, in the City of Lights, how can a person stay put when there is so much to experience by way of prayer and song and art and culture?

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Location:Rue du Faubourg du Temple,Paris,France

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