Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Fraction, Part 2: One Candle

About two and a half weeks ago (but what really feels like two and a half years), I posted a commentary at the end of Senior Week at Notre Dame, describing the Last Visit to the Basilica and Grotto. It was a reflection on the 800 candles that filled the Grotto with light on that beautiful May evening.

When I wrote that, there were some things that I knew were looming in our future. One was that Maureen Bruce, our friend from Edinburgh, would have a single candle ready for our arrival at St. Kentigern's, a candle that would burn faithfully in the parish's sanctuary during our entire time on Scottish soil.

Last night, that candle was finally extinguished.

One of the not-so-little customs we share on any tour is an event called "Senior Wrap Up." During it, those who are departing share thoughts on their past years with the ensemble. This took place on Sunday afternoon, just before our ecumenical service at St. Andrew's.

But before we delved in, I read a passage from the Gospel of St. John, the curious description of the mandatum – the foot washing – that takes the place of the Eucharistic narrative in the Johannine account. It's the question that comes at the end, the one posed by Jesus, that I wished to share with the departing choir members:
"Do you know what has been done to you?"

This is a question I'm posing as much to me as to anyone in the choir. And perhaps to any of you who are reading this, who've followed these chapters over the past few weeks. What happens to us on pilgrimage? What do we really see? And in seeing these things, how have our hearts been changed?

Jesus seldom beat around the bush. And he most certainly didn't on the last night of his life, conversing with his best friend. His words are also directed to us: after we have witnessed something profound, what are the implications for our lives?

It is that question that I hold before me right now.

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