Monday, June 25, 2012

Each Step of the Journey, Part the Next

Before we left for the Spring Tour with the Folk Choir, I made sure that there were a few maps downloaded onto my iPad, so that I could illustrate all the better each stage of our pilgrimage through Europe.

What's here is the next stage: after spending about six intense days in Rome, both Michele and I agreed that it would be best to experience some shorter, two-day journeys into the heart of faith and culture in Italy.

And so, to balance off all the hierarchical, huge, expansive and in some ways overwhelming aspects of the city of Rome, we decided the very first place we wanted to visit - in fact, probably needed to visit, was a place that was the antithesis of all that: a place that was intimate, connected with nature, close to the heart of much in my own spirituality, yet still just as much a part of and formative in the history of the Catholic church.

So we set out for:


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Location:Assisi, Umbria, Italy

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