Sunday, June 3, 2012

"You Did WHAT on Tour?"

About six months ago, when the final touches were being put on our tour itinerary, I was in dialog with our great friend, Dr. Maureen Bruce, and the subject was our final weekend. I was enquiring as to what services we could potentially provide to our host parish.

"Welllllll," she said, in her best Scottish brogue, "the President of our Parish Council's daughter is getting married the Saturday afternoon you're here, and they're having a devil of a time finding some music for the wedding."

"Let's do it!" said I; "can you imagine 56 Americans gate-crashing a Scottish wedding? Plus, there will be kilts!"

And so it was. On Saturday afternoon, the Folk Choir witnessed their first-ever nuptial celebration on an overseas tour, singing for the wedding of Sarah Rogerson and James Adams. We blended into the assembly, did a complimentary liturgy program for the occasion, and sang them through the service (complete with an SATB arrangement of the beautiful Scottish hymn, "All Things Bright and Beautiful," which was requested specifically by the bride).

We learned two things: first, there is this curious moment after Communion when the entire bridal party exits to a side chapel to sign the documents (lots and lots of time for sacred music on the guitar).

And second: at Scottish weddings, the bride is always late!

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Location:St. Kentigern's Parish, Edinburgh, Scotland

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