Saturday, June 9, 2012

Preparing for La Vie Français

It has finally dawned upon us, this day that is sweeping us by train through the English countryside. We are leaving the vernacular of Ireland and Scotland, and heading into the heart of another language, another culture.

Through a miracle of engineering, we will take a train from London's St. Pancras Station, through the fields and under the English Channel, in this newfangled thing called the Chunnel, bidding farewell to the Cliffs of Dover, emerging, violá, in Calais, on the western shores of France. All while sitting in an environment akin to our living room. Such a breathtaking thing is this!

I haven't had a lot of time to do this lately, but today, skimming placidly through England's rich fields, I have music playing over the iPhone. And it's an eclectic soundtrack, with a foot planted in Scots/Gaelic music and the other in France. I'm listening to Julie Fowlis (Have you not heard of her? I've been listening to her for years, and she's about to hit the big time with tracks for Disney/Pixar's newest creation, Brave.)

And, to anticipate our arrival in France, I've been listening to the compositions of Morten Lauridsen, en Français.

We are about to step into another place, another kind of song, a city beyond our ken. But we approach the City of Light with eyes wide open, hoping for insights and joys about life and faith, light and song, painting and food and wine.

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